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Email: nuguziii at cglab.snu.ac.kr

Research Area

  • Deep Learning

  • Medical Image Analysis

  • Computer Vision


  • M.S. candidate in Computer Science and Engineering (2020.03 - present)
    Computer Graphics and Image Processing Laboratory, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

  • B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering (2015.03 - 2020.02)
    Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea

  • Exchange Student, Computer Engineering (2018.01 - 2018.05)
    California State University, Fullerton, USA


  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Computer Vision Laboratory (2018.06 - 2019.12)
    Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea

  • Software Maestro 10기 (2019.06 - 2019.11)

  • Project of Online Shopping Mall Program Development (Outsourcing) (2018.09 - 2018.10)
    Hanju Global

Personal Projects

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Dental Panoramic X-Ray Images: Teeth Detection, Identification, Segmentation, and Anomaly Detection (2020.02 - present)

  • Image Restoration using Cross Consistency Loss (2019.01 - 2019.12), CVLab research project

  • FLOWER: Web Memo Service (2019.06 - 2019.11) video post



  • Proficient
    Python, C++

  • Knowledgeable
    Javascript, Java, C, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS